Course Schedule Outline

Course Schedule Outline

Day 1

  1. Client eligibility for the procedure based on health, drug and medical conditions.(Client Consultation, precautions and Contraindications)
  2. Skin Anatomy (layers)
  3. Eyebrow Shapes & designs using the Golden Ratio
  4. Measurement.
  5. Digital Calculation of symmetry using online application.
  6. Face shapes
  7. Skin types and what to expect
  8. Use the hand tools and equipment
  9. The perfect depth for pigment implantation.
  10. Use the right pigment (Colour)/ Colour Theory
  11.  Correction of previous permanent makeup
  12. Numbing products and process
  13. Hygiene measures & Sterilization Process (Cross Contamination Infection)
  14. Factors that affect permanent makeup retention
  15. Pigment, Interactions and Reactions (Allergy Patch test)
  16. Consents &Forms
  17. Before a procedure, Aftercare Healing process
  18. Setting up your new studio-Supplies needed and where to buy them
  19. Touch up
  20. Tattoo removal and lightening options eyebrow
  21. Q&A
  22. Practice on latex

Day 2

  1. -Stroke Patterns for microblading
  3. Blades uses for Microblading (and needles use for Shading, for combo course)

Day 3

  1. Practice on Live model

You will receive a certificate of attendance and a small micro-stroking kit.
**Microshading kit for shading Course.
-You would receive a certificate of graduation after meeting the minimum requirements level set by the instructor.

*First time in Canada

You would get ONLINE support ((Viber/What’s up) by your instructor for 3 months (Extra charge)

  • Colour suggestion for your clients
  • Everyday advice by your instructor
  • Problems you might face during the treatment. , etc.
  • Answer your inquiries.
    • You would be trained how to take a professional picture and apps installed. (Live demonstration)

You will be trained how to be a successful business owner and how to deal with your clients and employees.

What to expect from your clients in the microblading business (Tips, complains,)

Microblading, also known by a variety of names such as embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes, 3D…

**Is a form of semi-permanent tattoo that involves using tiny blades that make small cuts in your skin and help deposit pigment under your skin?

The cuts look a lot like actual hairs which help you create fuller and more natural looking brows.

Manual Shading technique is a method which doesn’t include work with machine but the manual one, using the special tool (Tiny needles) designed for that purpose.

This method is specially intended for persons who lost their hairs and brows.


*Combination of two techniques : Microblading and Manual shading
Microshading is done by first doing microblading with bigger space between the hairs. It will visually help us create the natural hair look.

Lasts: 6 months for oily skin and up to 3 years on normal skins

Pain Level: Mild
Healing and final results: 4 to 6 weeks AFTER touch up session.
Procedure time: 3 to 4 hours.
Old dark tattooed eyebrows must remove it first or has to be faded.

  • X Forbidden: Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • X Blood thinner and cancer patients have to get doctor approval before procedure.


Duration: 3 days

Estimated Earnings: 

if you do one client in a day: Average cost per Client $350 Income per week $2,450 Annual income $127,400.



Admission requirement: every student for attending this course needs to have this process.

  • Complete the admission form
  • Interview with one of our registrars
  • Have a tour from our facility in College