Students Services:

We give some special support to our graduated students with increasing their opportunity to find a new career.

  1. Giving advice to make their Resume and Cover letter
  2. Interview Preparation
  3. Job search and market information
Job Opportunities:

Our school not only prepares you to enter the field as a qualified professionals, but assists our graduates to find new careers in:

  1. Beauty Day Spas
  2. Medical Spas
  3. Laser Centres
  4. Beauty Centres located in Fitness Clubs
  5. Alongside Dermatologists/Cosmetic Surgeons
  6. Private Home Business
  7. Resort Spas
  8. Cruise Ships
  9. Sales and Marketing for Cosmetic Firms
  10. Cosmetic Purchasing/Retailing
  11. Educational Trainers
  12. Aesthetic Instructor
  13. Spa Director or Manager
  14. Distributor Sales Consultant
Job Search

Here you can find some of the best links for finding a new career.