Electrolysis is only medically proven permanent method of hair removal in the world. According to the market needs. most Laser hair removal clinics try to add electrolysis to their service for those hair types difficult to treat with laser and this will increase the demand for a skilled electro logistics.

Theoretical and practical topic of Electrolysis are being taught in this school professionally and skillfully. We present the techniques of the day in the world in short and intensive training and using experienced teachers, as well as the friendly educational environment.

Course content:

This course can be taken alone or together with other programs offered.

  1. Study of hair and Related Organs Anatomy and physiology
  2. Trichology and Dynamics of hair growth.
  3. Theory of Electric Currents and Thermolysis
  4. Infection control. Sterilization and Disinfection
  5. Equipment and supplies
  6. Full knowledge of all aspects of Electrolysis
  7. Assessment. Consultations & Record Cards
  8. Contra-indications & contra-actions
  9. Before and Aftercare
  10. Clinical hands on training and practice

Course Duration: 39 Hours

Admission requirement: every students for attending this course need to have this process.

  1. Complete the admission form
  2. Interview with one of our registrars
  3. Have a tour from our facility in College


This programs is non vocational and does not require approval under the Private Career College Act, 2005.