Waxing Hair Removal

Description: Gain the skills and knowledge of removing unwanted hair with the latest generation of waxes Including both hard and soft wax. We provide a combined training of the theory and hands-on practice that allow the students to perform safe ,effective and efficient services. This course is excellent for a beginner looking for a quick start in the hair removal business.


Topics include:

  1. Study of hair and hair growth (Anatomy & Physiology of hair),
  2. Hygiene , Sanitation and Sterilization and Safety precautions,
  3. Pre and Post care, Home care , Contraindication and Follow up
  4. Complication and Treat of them
  5. Treatment room layout & Equipment choice.
  6. Waxing hair removal of different part of body

Duration: 2 days

Admission requirement: every students for attending this course need to have this process.

  1. Complete the admission form
  2. Interview with one of our registrars
  3. Have a tour from our facility in College